The SFQ workshops you provided were inspirational and filled with energy. Qigong healing is vital to todayʼs health and quality of life and living a loving existence. The SFQ principles and methods are easy to learn and apply in my daily life and in my practice…its making a difference! Thanks again for making this valued learning available. Blessings!
PJT – Ontario

I have been actively doing Qigong since January 2010. I am a cancer survivor with numerous injuries to my back and neck and have found that Qigong has enabled me to live a relatively pain free life for the first time in years! Not to mention all of the other mental health benefits I have enjoyed. I find myself to be a calmer, gentler version of my old self and I now have a tool for healing myself and my family! Qigong will always be a part of my life!
Tammy, age 51 (feeling like a 30 year old!)

Hi, My name is Wendy Irvine and i have been participating in the Qigong classes for the past 6 weeks and i can not tell you what an impact it has made on my life already. I find mentally and physically i am much better, and am way more patient with people (especially the crazy drivers that are out there, I do not get as mad when they cut me off). I also find my positive energy and attitude over flows to all the people that i am around on a day to day basis.
I am so 100% amazed by how Qigong can change your life that i have been telling all my friends and family about it, even in England. If anyone has any questions they would like me to answer please feel free to contact me.

“Hello Munira,
Right from the time I talked to you…to the actual class…you were absolutely professional. Thank you. I came to learn the microcosmicorbit….which I now feel competent doing. So…I am happy for you to put this up in any of your marketing materials and in the testimonial section of your web-site. And…anyone should feel free to phone or e-mail me in this connection.”
Azam, Calgary | (403)275-0030 | easirelaxation@gmail.com

Attending the Level 1 & 2 Spring Forest Qigong Workshop with Munira Jiwa and Kris Zimmermann was an amazing experience! The energy in the room was palpable. Knowledgeable and approachable, both instructors did an excellent job. I’m proud to be part of the initial growth of Spring Forest Qigong in Canada and thank Munira for her initiative to bring us this knowledge.
J. Miller

Munira leads an excellent class. She was clearly well-prepared and very knowledgeable about the practice of Qigong. She also has a lovely, gentle delivery, which made for a relaxing and fulfilling experience. I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in starting Qigong.
Lise x

Participating in the Qigong/Intro Course continues to be an uplifting and healing experience for me. From the outset, on each day of the course, I find that I am energised and do not need my usual power-nap in the afternoon. Very often, I feel grounded for the entire day. On other days, I find that unmet emotions emerge unhindered.
I find the Qigong movements and meditations are simple to perform and extremely effective. With the help of Munira’s clear, concise, unwavering words I find myself progressing to a better place in my life. Thank you Munira!

In September 2010, I attended a Level 1 and Level 2 SFQ workshop in Calgary, Alberta. The two presenters Munira Jiwa (level 1) and Kris Zimmerman (level 2) were excellent in there presentations. They were both very professional in offering easily understood format of the SFQ teachings of Master Chunyi Lin. Their gracefulness and ease in relating the information reflected the peace, love and harmony I felt from absorbing these life-changing teachings.
My 3 days of exposure to these two very knowledgeable and dedicated souls has had a very profound effect on my continuing journey into SFQ. I left the sessions feeling that I had just undergone a phenomenal expansion of understanding and appreciation of this gift of healing from Master Chunyi Lin.

I encourage all those who want to expand their mastery of self-awareness and healing to take the earliest opportunity to experience the instruction and gentle support of Munira and her associates. You will rejoice in the outcome.

Braden Karringten – Vernon, B.C.

I had been practicing a self-taught form of QiQong for a few years and enjoying it thoroughly. So much so that I wanted to explore possibly eventually teaching it. However, I found no formal training for it so put the intention “out there” that I wanted to find a QiQong instructor.

I was synchronistically led to Munira Jiwa in April 2010 and the very next month I took her introductory course to Spring Forest QiQong. She has a very gentle manner about her and teaches in a very organized way. She has a wonderful enthusiasm for this type of QiQong and her teacher, Master Lin! A few months later, I took Level I & II with Munira and Kris and was very impressed with the level of professionalism and the integrity and enthusiasm with which the course was presented. It was fun connecting with others interested in this wonderful practice!

I look forward to learning more from Munira and would highly recommend her QiQong courses!

Barb T., Calgary